Saturday, January 3, 2009

Annoucing a new way to list your home for rent

Now Montgomery County home owners, property managers and real estate agents have a new way to help prospective renters find your property.

This blog uses an innovative approach to pairing your prospective tenets to the homes you want to rent.

All posts to this blog are going to be slanted towards what a typical Google searcher is looking for... and NOT what the typical real estate agent is posting.

If you list your home for rent in the same fashion every one else that wants to list a home does... what makes your rental stand out from the crowd?


Imagine this... hundreds of real estate agents and property managers all saying the same things about homes that are all basically the same product...

can we say Bland?

Why in the world would anyone pick your home from the crowd?

This blog will write about the neighborhoods, things to do and see, reasons for moving to a particular neighborhood. It's less like a real estate blog and more like a portal to living in the various neighborhoods.

Why does any one move? To buy a house or to buy a home? What is a home? Is it an edifice or a neighborhood?

You don't sell anything by selling it from YOUR perspective.

Nobody cares about you, they don't even care about the house, they care about what that house is going to give them!

People don't buy a camera to get a better camera.

They buy a camera to get better pictures for crying out loud.

Stay tuned... this blog is run by a Search Engine Rock Star. The next 12 posts are going to seem like jibberish. That's because they are not for human consumption.
Who cares if your site is pretty, if it doesn't rank in Google no one is going to see it any way. Web design does not make websites or blogs rank.

You gotta rank first

Leisure World

The name "Leisure World" emphasizes the area's focus on relaxed, self-reliant living. Within the Leisure World Community, more than 60 groups and organizations provide a wide variety of activities from which to choose. The Community is served by WMATA Metrobus System and is within minutes of Metrorail. For those wishing to continue their careers, Leisure World is conveniently located between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, on the I-95 corridor, in close proximity to Rockville, Bethesda, Olney, and Gaithersburg.